Sports Teams

Dirty Franks is the proud sponsor of the softball, kickball, and two dart teams. If you would like information about joining a team or just cheering them on, give the secret handshake to one of our bartenders.
Our "Too Dirty" softball team is a part of the PBR Bar league and plays at Sacks Playground from May to August. Sacks Playground is at 4th and Washington Avenue 
"The Ballsheviks" play every Sunday at Star Garden from May through July. Star Garden is at 6th and Lombard Streets
Rock Paper Scissor
Come play against our house  "Team Dirty Franks" every Tuesday night from April through June, starting at 9pm. All are welcomed!
Dirty Franks fields two teams, both in the Olde English Dart League of Philadelphia. The teams play every Tuesday night from September through February. The photo is of our own 2011 championship team.