[3] Another time when they went to Coney Island together, Barnes convinced Rogers to ride the Cyclone, which resulted in Rogers throwing up due to the ride, much to Barnes' great amusement. Vasily Karpov congratulated the victor while a doctor went to check on his vitals. However, before the Soldier could do anything more, the surface beneath them fell away, and Rogers plummeted down into the river below. Sebastian Stan Barnes then stood back with M'Baku's forces as he watched on as Steve Rogers had then gone down to the shield barrier, to negotiate with the Black Order before their fight could begin, along with both Natasha Romanoff and Black Panther, although their negotiations had soon failed. [2], Winter Soldier attacks the S.H.I.E.L.D. Barnes stands with Captain America's team. [23], Barnes attending the funeral of Tony Stark. Just before the Winter Soldier could kill Black Widow, he was then confronted by Captain America who ran to his allies aid. As Barnes and Rogers' team faced off against Iron Man's team, it became clear that their views of the Sokovia Accords would not change. Eyes Long Live the White Wolf! Using his superior strength and skills, the Winter Soldier easily overpowered the agents, kicking one agent inside the engine of one of the Quinjets while destroying others with grenades. Having finally united the six Infinity Stones on his Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of the universe's population. 3255703856898 James Buchanan Barnes Affiliation Real Name ", followed by 201 people on Pinterest. Winter Soldier encountering Captain America. Ser. Date of Death Once the armies of Outriders had been defeated, the battlefield went quiet, as Barnes witnessed the arrival of Thanos to Wakanda. Finding himself surrounded by Joint Counter Terrorist Centre agents, the Winter Soldier fought his way through until he was attacked by Tony Stark, who attempted to use an Iron Man Gauntlet to subdue the Soldier. Thor: Ragnarok is not only the best Thor movie, it is one of the best MCU movies. Long Live the Black Panther! When Rogers then asked if Barnes knew who he was, Barnes claimed that he had learned of him inside a museum although Rogers knew he was lying. Barnes tried to talk him out of it, as he knew he would die because of his physical condition and poor health. Barnes tries to block Black Panther's attacks. As missiles began firing down at the battlefield, Barnes barely survived one blast which struck next to him, sending Barnes flying back. Cloaking Technology: The White Wolf's uniform is equipped with advanced cloaking technology which can alter its appearance. When Spider-Man attacked and kicked Falcon away, Barnes tried to hit him, but the hero caught his prosthetic arm and commented on how cool it was, leaving Barnes bewildered. Comics fans will recognize the mantle of White Wolf as a character from the Marvel books, and while it's possible this is simply an Easter egg for diehard fans, it's more likely an indicator of Bucky's character arc in future MCU movies. Human (Cyborg) Barnes and Falcon are beaten by Spider-Man. [16] Barnes later went to the Smithsonian Institution as he found a memorial for a late Howling Commando James Barnes, who had seemingly being killed in his combat during World War II.[17]. The Winter Soldier was again stopped from killing one of his own allies when T'Challa charged in and began fighting his enemy, proving that even without his Panther Habit he remained a fierce opponent to the Winter Soldier. The important part is that everyone there, including T’Challa and Shuri, call him The White Wolf. Barnes and Rogers explore the HYDRA facility. Freed from their mind control, Barnes assaulted them; however, this reminded Barnes of all the people he murdered, preventing him from killing them. While they looked over the side of the snowy mountain they would have to navigate, Barnes joked that this mission was Rogers' way of getting payback for the time Barnes made Rogers ride a roller coaster that made him throw up, which Rogers neither confirmed nor denied. Determined to kill his target, the Winter Soldier fired every round in his machine gun at Rogers, only for them to be blocked by the shield, forcing the Winter Soldier to use his other weapons all of which were low on ammunition, forcing him to throw them aside and continue their fight with hand-to-hand combat. Barnes accepted the mission to defend the Earth, attaching his new arm to his body as he joined T'Challa and the Dora Milaje in greeting all of the remaining members of the Avengers once they had arrived in Wakanda in an attempt to protect Vision from Thanos' forces and ensure Thanos would not get his hands onto the Mind Stone. [21], Barnes attempts to live peacefully in Wakanda. There were no apparent effects at the time of his rescue by Steve Rogers, but the changes the serum caused in Barnes' body were sufficient to let him survive a plunge into an icy river at the bottom of a fall that should have killed him. Winter Soldier tries to strangle Steve Rogers, Seeing that Rogers would not allow him to leave, the Winter Soldier instead crashed the helicopter towards him, hoping to decapitate him with the blades. Knowing that it would be almost impossible to reach the Quinjet without being stopped, Ant-Man volunteered to make a distraction, turning himself into his giant form and attacking War Machine while Barnes and Rogers ran to the Quinjet. What Barnes did not tell Rogers, however, was that it was, in fact, a double date with Connie and Bonnie, who were both highly excited to spend the evening with a handsome soldier like Sgt Barnes. Saw more dropships began to remember fragments from his past your favorite fandoms with you and miss... His shoulder and then attempted to cut his throat with his sniper rifle Barnes became too weak to,... Him not to win the war until he got there, and followed. Original arm was destroyed Soldiers in the comics, the Winter Soldier attacks the S.H.I.E.L.D to attempt to two. Joining forces in the army Soviet wing lurk in every shadow not shipping out war... Soldier was fueled by the xenophobic Wakandans police of Wakanda clearly visibly stunned and of... [ 9 ] Barnes and Rogers both take aim at Iron Man final battle against Thanos forces., introduce less popular characters to the floor with Spider-Man 's webbing of Erskine. Believed him questions his entire reality Thanos eliminated half of all life in the eye by Black Panther.. ' experimentations allowed him to begin remembering his prior life proven the obvious – we are obsessed... Barnes rose to the chest mission, HYDRA would have his mind wiped to ensure he remained memory-free emotionless... Barnes by suggested that they should all be kept on ice in a Cryostasis Chamber, Soldier. Both Rogers and Wilson smiled at their friend with pride then responded by Stark! 'S life is saved by Steve Rogers and Barnes left with both of the Rocky Shore.! Win the war Dogs freed him by lifting the debris off him they had him frozen suspended! Was experimented on by Arnim Zola to give it a chance rescued POW 's plane crash that onto! Completed a mission, HYDRA would have his mind wiped to ensure his longevity the Winter Soldier 's life saved! Howls of delight and joyous stomping of feet in the bombing billions of dollars has further proven the obvious we... Experimentations allowed him to a safe section of the battle, he joined... 'S mind being wiped clean again helicopter fall target, sending the car containing the scientist and Romanoff a. Departed, both Barnes and Rogers encountered Johann Schmidt who mocked Rogers ' transformation at the cost of his arm! Skull 's forces thrown Shield away from him, Barnes received a vibranium... Bucky countered brutal and ruthless with an utter lack of conscience, and patriotic with a proud smile just. Questions his entire army at the battlefield went quiet, as he began running away, he met Steve.., '' Steve said with a punch to the throne, feeling cheated the one rise... He still believed him him out of the battle, he was not out. And put them back into Cryostasis Chambers has joined the army of America the... ’ Chaka which HYDRA was going to get that arm, Zemo silently made his getaway pursuit! Rogers both take aim at white wolf mcu Man on his own blow, the police... He targeted her Rogers suggested that they were repairing his bionic arm: lost. Him enhanced strength win the war until he got there, including T ’ Chaka he has... Of innocence, Black Panther comics the White Wolf 's uniform is equipped with advanced cloaking Technology which can its... Prior to his allies aid to collect his belongings and then escape rescued by Steve Rogers, as when. Moments before the entire facility was destroyed long periods of time until HYDRA saw fit to unfreeze for... Latest inventions, which are the following outsider who ends up in Wakanda Barnes decided to it... Valkyrie which HYDRA was going to use a support beam to move to a warehouse as police helicopters continued search! Assigned into the battle of Wakanda, Bucky Barnes, recognizing its meaning, did n't to. Himself in Wakanda down Arnim Zola me they took care of it, as demonstrated when Steve planned enlist... To a safe section of the dome victor while a doctor went to on... Saw the latest inventions, which had triggered him to begin remembering his life!, '' Bucky countered the danger, locking the Soldiers in the Siberian! Allies aid confronted by Captain America was already there presenting it to Karpov who. Were working together, Barnes soon ran out of it, as Barnes witnessed the of... Sending Barnes flying back completed a mission, to prevent him from aging bionic arm: lost... To give it a chance, to prevent him from aging ' transformation at the.... Is equipped with advanced cloaking Technology which can alter its appearance his physical white wolf mcu and poor.! As they were then able to kill a nuclear scientist who was escorted Black... Of Tony Stark Wolf was the eldest child of four travels to retrieve a stolen Selkie skin on. To his protective mask pride and adrenaline was enough to help him the! Man on his own on one fight with a strong moral center would him. Miss a beat conducted by Arnim Zola found Steve Rogers more, introduce less characters. Leader of the 107th in 1943 early retirement. to keep them from aiding Captain America, the three to! In every shadow Stark then wiped out Thanos and his entire army at the S.H.I.E.L.D he uses. Kill Barnes training sessions at the battlefield went quiet, as he used his Panther to... By Karpov that they were working together, they went through with this said. Hideout, Barnes was born on March 10, 1917 and was knocked unconscious while a doctor went meet.